Tourism in Cianciana

The Territory

A hidden and little known corner of Sicily, rich in history, popular traditions and beautiful landscapes is waiting for you, offering a pleasant vacation characterized by natural wellbeing and by a traditional and healthy gastronomy The territory is situated between the the Sicani mountains and the valley of the Platani river, from this territory it is possible to visit some important nearby tourist sites such as Palazzo Adriano, Prizzi and Sant’Angelo Muxaro, as well as the towns of Agrigento, Sciacca, the ancient city of i Heraclea Minoa and the splendid beaches of the african sea.

The Valley of the Platani River

Cianciana is situated on the southern slope of Mount Calvario and from here you can look over beautiful surroundings.

From Cianciana and surroundings you have the chance to enjoy the wonderful view on the valley of Platani river, where colours, woods, wheat fields and vineyards alternate.

In the lower area of the valley, the Mediterranean vegetation prevails, whereas in the higher areas you find forests with tall trees. The paths crossing the valley are beaten by those who love trekking and want a direct contact with the nature, far away from roads.

In the valley you can also bird-watch and look at birds living in their natural environment. If you are lucky, you can see the rare Cavaliere d'Italia, a  wonderful wader with long slim legs and a straight sharp bill.

The peculiar geologic feature of the land, rich of water, has created numerous caves. With the help of speleologists you can visit them and study their physical, morphological and biophysical features.