It is for sale at € 800 sq m of house all inclusive: (swimming pool in reinforced concrete. Of 65 square meters  and 100 cubic meters of water, 1,400 sq m of arable land, 2 wells of water drawn with an electric motor, 250 sq m of outdoor accommodation, complete home furnishings).

Please note that the house is located 1 km from the city center of Cianciana and consists of 3 elevations of about 100 square meters each: garage floor, day living area floor and night area floor.

Description The site where the property is located in the Ciccione district of Cianciana (AG), on the road to the town of St. Biagio Platani, which one comes along, one km after the city park at a gate that separates the public area from the private area . A private road that for a half serves only the property, about 85 meters past the gate, leading to the site. This is a plot of 1,840 sqm slightly sloping overlooking the river valley Mavaro, from Alexandria della Rocca to the direction of S. Angelo Muxaro and centrally is also seen in the distance Mount Cammarata. On the grounds, in addition to the two properties (house and pool), there are clearances for home, outdoor parking areas, No. 2 water wells, with relative electric water pump, which is necessary for plants and for replenishing the pool , barbecue and votive chapel, vines and some fruit trees like Oranges, apricots, pears, lemons, etc.. The house in question, built with regular building permit, spread over three levels: - Lower Ground floor; - First floor; - Second floor; The total area is 300 square meters (100 square meters per floor) and are: The lower ground floor garage for 3 car spaces, various cupboards, space for storage room, wood stove and drain for washing or drinking water tap; First floor the area comprising a lounge (50 sqm) with fireplace, a kitchen-dining room, a veranda and a bathroom with shower and laundry; - Second floor sleeping area consists of 3 bedrooms, if neccessary double bedrooms of which furnished with balcony, a veranda and a bathroom with bathtub. The entire property is furnished in all it's rooms and ambiences. The pool has the following dimensions and characteristics: - Rectangular shape with dimensions of 6.60 m x 11.40 m, built of reinforced concrete; - Depth varying from 0.85 but 2.20 m (water level) and a capacity of 100 m3; - The bottom slope with a gradient of 12%; - It is equipped with outdoor shower and a basement for the treatment plant; - It is seperated from the house just by the road that connects the lower ground floor to the first floor Price, all inclusive, 950 euros per sqm for house and swimming pool.

Customers should remember that, in the event that the property was to be used as a holiday home, having three rooms with double beds, the potential buyers (relatives or friends), could use the property as a sort of timeshare with availability of use of the entire complex for all year. Obviously you can be alone, or with others, to share the day area and the garage, in the event that occurs during the holiday period.

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